11th March 2023 - UEFA

International Women’s Day 2023 Content Management for UEFA Academy’s LinkedIn Page

In my role, I have taken charge of the development, oversight, and coordination of content on the UEFA Academy’s LinkedIn page specifically for International Women’s Day 2023. The tasks involved are outlined below:

  1. Visual Design:

    • Tasked with creating visually captivating content that highlights the active participation of women within the UEFA Academy.
  2. Article Production:

    • Collaborated closely with UEFA’s communications department to produce two comprehensive articles. The focus of these articles is to showcase and celebrate the outstanding achievements of female directors associated with the UEFA Academy and the impactful Women in Football Leadership Programme 2023.
  3. Video Creation:

    • Managed the coordination and execution of a video production featuring insightful discussions with Verónica Boquete and Diana Matheson, both distinguished participants of the UEFA MIP programme, IV edition. The primary theme of the video revolves around the crucial and influential role played by women players in the realm of football.

This comprehensive approach aims to enhance the visibility and acknowledgment of women’s contributions within the UEFA Academy. The ultimate goal is to curate content that contributes significantly to the meaningful celebration of International Women’s Day in 2023

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